Welcome to this online interactive family tree for John, Sabine and myself (that is the Ivison and Moore families and many more listed on the left). To cut straight to the beef, it can be accessed here:

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A Bit Of Background

My curiosity in genealogy was kindled in about 1989, when married for the first time I guess I felt I was solidifying as a person and my roots became increasingly interesting to me. I was also then faced with an Arab family of in-laws with great breadth (if little depth in time). The last (I thought) of my grandparents had died shortly before, and my mother had become the sole and last custodian of a wealth of information on the twisted and gnarled lines of our heritage. So two years later and a little lost after the seperation I busied myself, learned a bit of Norwegian and took my mother up North on a digging trip. The first and purely Scandinavian family tree then already spread over 2 sq feet.

Later, surprising things came up. We found a lost grandfather alive (although we found his grave first). We found a Texas sidearm umpteenth times removed but still retaining that Ivison rugged good looks. We found lunatics and bigamists, sea captains, piano teachers and clockmakers, unhappy spinsters and prolific mothers, heroes and people of questionable character. And we suddenly reached back into the 17th century.

Sabine's grandmother expressed the opinion that genealogy is of no interest to people whose family was always around and lived more or less in the same spot. To them, their folks are more like furniture, worn and familiar, to be used and not noticed. She's probably right, and I find it hard to pinpoint the exact nature of the gratification it affords. To know the past puts things in perspective. I liken it to a ship having its ropes tied to the pollards on the harbour side, and opposite bracing the view of the open sea, knowing that some before us haved crossed it and most have stayed at home. It might make both choices easier.

But anyway ...

Please keep in mind that this is work in progress. If you spot errors or want to add to the lore, I'd love you to contact me. There's also a CD-Rom version of this where the photos all have print-quality (this actually came first; the website was only added as an afterthought). Same here, please contact.


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