martin ivison >>
white male, blue eyes, brown hair
82 kg, 181cm
with two children
a scattered family >>
a former life in music >>
a fondness for alphabet soup >>
and continuing aspirations

20090811, Trivandrum, India

"After a while a paramedic came to exchange a needle in his "port", which apparently is half a rubber ball sticking under his skin accepting the needles with his semi-liquid nutrition. He took off his shirt for that, and I have to admit that he looks pretty dreadful right now. He's very thin, weighs 63 kilos at 185cm, and he has apparently taken a 'non-shaving' vow. Just under his ribs there is a large horizontal operation scar, in his right shoulder the port, and all over him target crosses and marks for the daily radiation therapy. I took a photo of him, black and white. He consciously looked suffering, not smiling. I wonder where this road will take us, if we will ever see him any different again."
(From Journal, 20100221)

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